Could you create a mobile application or create a website? So which comes first, and how do we start? We will try to answer the question: Website or Mobile Application?

Did you know that having a website in most cases is enough, and there is no need to create a mobile application?

The Internet is a significant guide for individuals in many fields. It is one of the essential services provided by technology in general. The website widely benefits the dissemination and promotion of your business. It provides an important link between you and the current and potential customer.

Potential customers can easily learn about your services and products through your website. At the same time, the current customer can also learn about your new services and products that he can benefit from.

But, does the website take advantage over the mobile application?

What distinguishes it?

The importance of websites:

  • Your website appears in Google search results:

Your tendency to create your website makes it easier to search for it using search engines. The search engine indexes web pages and displays the results as web pages. So including your website in the search results on Google is an easy and accessible process that does not require cost and effort. And potential customers use the search engine.

  • Low cost compared to other methods:

One of the significant advantages of a website is that it saves a lot of money in advertising and marketing. Also, it is easy to access it from any device at any time the user wants, without even taking up space on his phone’s memory, Unlike a mobile application that requires a specific space on your phone’s memory. Not to mention that you have to provide it on two platforms: Android and IOS. It requires more extraordinary programming and development cost and forces the user to download the application when he wants to use it. As for the website, it is enough to access the link via any browser, which is available by default on all mobiles and desktops.

The site also enables you to reach your target customers easily through specialized electronic advertising campaigns.

  • Less competition, more successful marketing:

The arena of competition in mobile applications is enormous due to many applications for one idea. Therefore, marketing requires a much greater effort and cost than websites for its success. However, its success remains not guaranteed results. While on websites, you can market yourself attractively and efficiently. All users visiting your site can easily follow your products and services. And you can respond to their inquiries about anything directly and quickly, making this site one of the most important means of marketing and advertising, achieving significant public interaction.

  • The Internet allows you to enter new markets:

The Internet allows you to reach a worldwide audience and thus access new markets, i.e., millions of users daily. You can easily target them. Therefore, the idea of your company and your project must be capable of development and growth.

Pause for justice:

The quality of work has an essential role in determining the importance of the work platform (site – application).

Suppose the orientation is to what is suitable for restaurants, household items, and purchasing vegetables and fruits. In that case, the application is the ideal solution for such areas.

But suppose the purpose is: to build what suits a company (whatever company and its services). In that case, the site is the most appropriate and appropriate option.

In mobile applications, the programming requires tremendous effort: whether in programming, development, or management and the formation of the software team.

We have two different environments: the Android environment, and the IOS environment, so we have two other programming languages: java and swift, and there are rarely programmers in the same software team who can work on the two platforms with high skill, except in large companies that incur enormous costs, which makes the provision of an application Jawwal is costly in terms of the extra effort it needs and the more time it requires. So even the aspect of managing the application is tiring and expensive.

We must not forget that a mobile application, even if it is found and successful, does not replace the existence of a website that the user accesses through a specific link. Sending links is easily possible on the web. In contrast, the ability to send links within a given program requires excellent resources and skills.

How do you start creating your site?

The first two things you need to do are:

Visual Identity: It is the task of designing the page’s interface so that the web page matches its purpose, attracts the user, and achieves excellent interaction with him.

Electronic Identity: By booking the domain where you will publish your website.

Website or Mobile Application?

In the end, creating a website is the best option to improve your presence on the Internet, with the beginning and spreading and obtaining the most considerable amount of profits, because – in practice – it requires less marketing and does not require a lot of payments to complete an extensive promotion. Instead, it performs significant dissemination in a short time. Thus, you’ll have created a comprehensive and acceptable fan base, ready to interact with any further application you launch and ask them to download it.